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The company is having a complete basket of World Class Quality Products & Services. Special focus will be on providing world class products in the category of health care, wellness and nutritional products for body care, beauty care, personal care, home care and lifestyle products. The company is also tied-up with various branded companies and corporate as quality products offering is the primary objective.

The company's distributors may refer new Customers through Customer Registration process. However, these customers will not exist in the opportunity system (genealogy / distributor) network. The customers will buy products of their choice at the MRP Price & DP Price; respective BVs will be accounted as self BVs of their introducing distributor. The consumer is not entitled for any commissions or monetary benefits from the company, but they will have all rights as a consumer and privileges being a registered consumer.

1. Retail profit (when purchased and sold)

When you purchase Product of your choice List from the company then you are eligible for business plan of the company. Unique user name & password will for every new customer.The company manages your part time & Full Time Business through INTERNET. The most powerful marketing systems of Limra Mart ever introduced in India.

Application form for becoming Distributor under proposer of any existing Distributor has to be submitted through internet and a print out of the same has to be sent to the COMPANY's Office after signing it by applicant along with the necessary documents.
Following documents to be submitted along with application form for becoming a Distributor:-
  • PAN Card
  • Voter's Identity Card Or Driving License (Valid)
  • Cancelled original signed cheque which has the name printed of account holder or original Bank statement issued.
  • There is no charge for registration as a Distributor. After scrutiny of the application form and documents and then the acceptance of applicant as Distributor, a Unique/Track ID Number will be given on website. After receiving the ID Number, the Distributor has to obtain the ID card by login their personal information on Website.
  • BUSINESS POINTS (Sales Incentive) is calculated on a fixed percentage of business Points of the purchase made by Distributors and their groups as follows:



2:-Direct Referral Income:-

On Every Direct Referral Member Will Get Spill Over Income 5%. All spill over will be placed Extreme Left Or Right
1. There is no limitation on number of spill over.
2. Amount credit to Commission wallet.



3:-Binary Income:-

  Joining Amount              Rs.999/-               Rs.1999/-            Rs.2999/-
  Point Value (PV)                 3PV                    4PV                5PV
 Matching Income    1 ~ 10PV = Rs.240/-  
   Onwards = Rs.180/-
   1 ~ 10PV = Rs.320/-   
   Onwards = Rs.240/-
  1 ~ 10PV = Rs.400/-  
  Onwards = Rs.300/-
    Daily Capping              Rs.1800/-               Rs.2400/-            Rs.3000/-
  Monthly Income           Rs. 54,000/-             Rs. 72,000/-          Rs. 90,000/-



4: PV Matching Income:-

* A B C Active Direct Requires (One in Left and One in Right , C = Eligible For Binary Income)
1st pair ratio { 2PV : 1PV } or { 1PV : 2PV } After { 1PV : 1PV }

Daily Closing & Weakly Closing
Power leg Carry forward
11th, pv matching payout will be deducted. Unlimited Depth for Pv Income Mantance charge.
5% from Payout will be deducted For Shopping Wallet, With That Amount Member can do Shopping.
Closing time :- { 12.00.01 A.M to 11.59.59 P.M }


5: Level Income:-

Condition Apply : 3 Direct sponsoring must for level bonus

Level L0 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Condition Apply You 3 9 27 81 243
Level Bonus 0% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%




7: Repurchase Income
  • To qualify the repurchase incentives you have to match ratio in your left & right team business should be 2000BV:1000BV x 10%=RS.100/-
  • 1000BV Carry Forward
  • Than your highest monthly capping 1,20,000/-
  • Monthly income Rs.1,20,000/-
  • 10000 Left B.V : 5000 Right B.V x 10% =Rs. 500/-
  • 5000 B.V Carry Forward Monthly Capping Rs.1,20,000/-
  • Product Purchase Income =Team Matching 10% & Self 10%
  • 60000 Left B.V : 50000 Right B.V x 10% =Rs. 5000/-
  • 10000 B.V Carry Forward Monthly Capping Rs.1,20,000/-
  • Product Purchase Income =Team Matching 10% & Self 10%


8: Salary Bonus Income:-
1 1 : 1 ADVISOR  Rs. 200 24 MONTHS
2 2 : 2 SR. ADVISOR Rs. 400 24 MONTHS
3 3 : 3 SILVER Rs. 600 24 MONTHS
4 4 : 4 GOLD Rs. 800 24 MONTHS
5 5 : 5 RUBY Rs. 1000 24 MONTHS
6 6 : 6 PLATINUM Rs. 1200 24 MONTHS
7 10 : 10 DIAMOND Rs. 2000 24 MONTHS
8 15 : 15 BLUE DIAMOND Rs. 3000 24 MONTHS
9 20 : 20 EMIRALD Rs. 4000 24 MONTHS
10 30 : 30 SUPER EMIRALD Rs. 6000 24 MONTHS
11 40 : 40 MASTER EMIRALD Rs. 8000 24 MONTHS
12 50 : 50 UNIVERSAL EMIRALD Rs. 10000 24 MONTHS
Note: For Achieving Of Royal Bonus (Salary) Income Direct Sponsor Is Must.
Note :  Leadarship Income Calculate from Date Of Joining.


9:Silver Club:-
5000 PV(Pair) of Total Self Group Business and Equally Distribute Among all the Achievers.
  Royalty Income = 3% Self Group Business Monthly Turnover
For Example : --------------------------------------------------------
  Equally Divided By All Silver Club Achiever
500 PV ( Pair ) Required Every Month to Get this Royalty 6 month only


Diamond Club:-
10,000 PV (Pair) of Total Business and Equally Distribute Among all the Achievers 
  Royalty Income = 2% company Monthly Turnover
For Example : --------------------------------------------------------
  Equally Divided By All Silver Club Achiever
1000 PV ( Pair ) Required Every Month to Get this Royalty. 12 month only


Platinum Club:-
20,000 PV(Pair) of Total Business and Equally Distribute Among all the Achievers
  Royalty Income = 1.50% company Monthly Turnover
For Example : --------------------------------------------------------
  Equally Divided By All Platinum Club Achiever
1500 PV ( Pair ) Required Every Month to Get this Royalty. Only 2 Years


Director Club:-
50,000 PV(Pair) of Total Business and Equally Distribute Among all the Achievers
  Royalty Income = 1% Company Group Business Monthly Turnover
For Example : --------------------------------------------------------
  Equally Divided By All Director Club Achiever
2000 PV ( Pair ) Required Every Month to Get this Royalty. Life Time




Franchisee :-


Joining Kit Franchisee:-
1. Non Refundable Franchisee Deposit Rs.75000/- (One Time Only)
2. Franchise Income:- 4% Each E-Pin on Purchase of Minimum 50 E-Pin.
Repurchase Franchisee:-
1. Mini Master Franchisee:- Repurchase Product Stock Point Income 5% On D.P Against Deposit Rs.75, 000/-
2. Super Master Franchisee:- Repurchase Product Stock Point Income 6% On D.P Against Deposit Rs.150, 000/-
  • Franchisee System
Franchisee / Stock Point Opportunity
To facilitate easy availability of Stocks, and serve you fast we are looking for Franchisee & Stock Points who can invest in stocks required.The Franchisee / Stock Points must maintain a small office with necessary infrastructure like Furniture, Computer, Printer, Internet, Display Board,White Board for Business Plan Presentation and Net Banking enable to Bank Account.
The Franchisees/ Stock points are divided into 2 types i.e., Mini Master Franchisee & District Super Master Franchisee, . Only one Franchisee/ stock point will be appointed for District wise. And there is no limit on Area Franchisees. Remaining details are as follows.
Type of Franchisee    D.P Against Deposit  Benefits ON Turn Over (Monthly Maintenance)  Minimum Turnover  for Each Month   Security
Pin Franchise Rs. 75,000/-     4%   Per Month 75,000/- Rs. 5000/-
Mini Master Franchisee Rs. 75,000/- 5%   Per Month 1,50,000/-    Rs. 10000/-
Super-Master Franchisee Rs. 1,50,000/- 6%   Per Month 3,00,000/- Rs. 15000/-


Basic Requirements for Franchisees:
  • Must have a Small office Space, Furniture, Warehouse, Product Display Section, Laptop / Desktop with Internet facility.
  • Experience in Direct Selling industry with good contacts.
  • Need to maintain minimum stocks of Rs.75,000/- for Mini Master Franchisee, Rs.150,000/- for Super- Master Franchisee which helps to members AND Sales Promoters for quick delivery of products.
  • Responsibility:
  • He/she has to conduct Promotional Programs, Meetings & Seminars for development of Limra Mart Retails Sales (P) Ltd., in respective Territories.

Direct Referral :-Repurchase Franchisee.
If any Sales Promoter Super-Master Franchisee Holder any Direct Referral Mini Master Franchiser in any category, he/she will get 1% Spot Referral incentive on that Franchisee Investment and 1% on their Monthly Turnover continuously tills their validity.
  • Courier Will Delivery 10-15 Days.
  • Minimum Delivery 50 Products
  • If Any Franchisee Will Not follow This Condition After Three Warning franchisee Will Terminated.



Terms & Conditions:-
Bank transfer minimum amount of Rs 500/-
TDS Deduction 5% .(without pancard TDS will be 10%).
Admin charges 10% 
Weakly payment transfer on Friday.
Payment mode ECS/N.E.F.T/CHEQUE
Non working income next to next payout will be the company growth is 100% closing basis.
The company reserves the right to withdraw the target and incentive at any time without giving any prior notice or any explanation for doing so Incentives are subject to TDS and other taxes as per Govt. norms.
Condition Apply**